All of our milkers are fed a custom blend of
NON-GMO grain especially created for us by
Perry Co-op, Perry,OK while on the milk stand.

Additionally, they are fed free-choice a
NON-GMO alfalfa haylege from Chaffhaye  
Chaffheye is a family owned business in Dell
City, TX  producing some of America's premiere
alfalfa. We are firm believers in the use of
Chaffhaye, and have used it exclusively for
several years now.  (

And of course, free-choice native prairie hay
selected from local producers who do not spray
their hay.  

We firmly believe that the use of wormers,
antibiotics, and other Rx products should be
used sparingly, and only on an as needed
individual basis.   
All about us:
This is the gal that started it all......Friendly.
Friendly was a lease goat, shared with us by Patricia
Gibbs. While Friendly has now crossed the Rainbow
Bridge. she was an awesome goat, a great milker and
a goat with an individual personality  We all miss her.